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Well i'm not even sure if anyone even reads these but might as well go for it. I have been distracted with a few hundred things largest of which has been WoW which I have to say has been fun as fuck but due to my main pc dying a death and this one not being powerful enough I have had to stop. A blessing in disguise maybe, so i'm going to get going again with my doodles and wot not, if anyone reads this and has any suggestions on what they would like to see out of the vector stuff I have done like the lost logo from GTA and all the oddworld stuff just give me a shout always up for something :).
Anyway hope people are well and stuff.
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Hello to anyone who will read this even if it is just my friends lol, I've updated all the cartoons I made into t-shirts with a link to their t-shirt counterpart so IT'S NEVER BEEN EASIER ;P

But yeah other than that not much going on having a bit of a block drawing wise but i'm sure it twil pass :)

Hope your cool
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Hey :)
To whoever decides to read this I have gone into t-shirt making, and if you like my cartoon stuff drop by and have a look :) although I can't put any of the render type stuff up because its all copyrighted to fuck and generally I would get sued to last week, I hope you like me for my cartoons and not the renders I make lol. Here be the link to my profile… though I will say there are some insanely cool shirts on here have a browse tis fun, they also do art like deviant art which you can buy as prints, tis nice not to have a subscription and just get started on selling stuff.

I'm rambling so I twil end this hope everyone is cool who reads this and if you have a red bubble thing send me a link twud love to have a look :)

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Like a bad rash
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Well i've been gone for fucking ages and i'm not back yet so hold onto your knickers twill be back soon :)
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Hello :)
Well quite a few things have happened i've started drawing again and it feels pretty good :D looking towards making a few cartoons strips and other stuff. I have also set up a myspace just purly for my cartoons its seems to be going well u can find it here  but yeah other than that there be nothing to report really, it's looking like i might be getting a monthly bit for a cartoon in an online news letter which is nice :)
ne way hope all who read this are cool
For now :)
300 and a smidge page views how cool is that :D and again i know it's just probarbly the same 4 people coming back now and again but hey I DESERVE THIS!! :P  ne way a cartoon of such wonderment that has never been seen shall be devised for the occasion :)
200 and a little bit page views :) yay :D
Well being one of the most loved people on the internet :P i though i should post a msg randomly and rather wierdly and without a further a do heres to all who read this, may i say *SPOOT* and other types of random noises un to you and your large heard me!
Well as the title suggests i have 100 page view and am quite happy wih that number it's a good rounded number of roundness, even though most of the page views are my mateS i don't care it still countS :D