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Hey :)
To whoever decides to read this I have gone into t-shirt making, and if you like my cartoon stuff drop by and have a look :) although I can't put any of the render type stuff up because its all copyrighted to fuck and generally I would get sued to last week, I hope you like me for my cartoons and not the renders I make lol. Here be the link to my profile… though I will say there are some insanely cool shirts on here have a browse tis fun, they also do art like deviant art which you can buy as prints, tis nice not to have a subscription and just get started on selling stuff.

I'm rambling so I twil end this hope everyone is cool who reads this and if you have a red bubble thing send me a link twud love to have a look :)

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jeffmcrae Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2008
If I had a steady (or any) income, I'd buy your shirts in no time. Pay attention to his shirts people, you might find one that'll tickle your fancy!
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August 26, 2008


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